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    Once the Customer enters the desired number of minutes the system auto-calculates the cost, creates a new transaction, then reconnects the call when the transaction is approved.

    Death note dating game walkthrough

    It's good to attach to your healing Materia 'Restore.' Leave the room and go up the ladder right beside the door. That's about all there is to do for now, leave the slums via the North exit. Second Car - Right before you leave the second car on your left is a man who will ask you a question, choose "Yeah..." to receive a Hi-Potion. Having her run will only lead to battles so tell her to wait. Examine the one on the West side and choose to push it over. When the man asks when kind of dress you want, choose "That feels soft" and then "That shimmers" to fulfill the requirements for the Silk Dress. You must do squats, performing them are simple all you do is press square, X, and circle over and over again.Don't forget to equip the Materia and armour you purchased. Third Car - If a man steals your Gil quickly run back and talk to him, choose the second option "That's right" to get it back. The barrel will make short work of the guard allowing Aeris to escape. But it's not a matter of pushing them as fast as you can, it's more a matter of timing.Run along the pipes to another ladder which will bring you down to a glowing save point. | | When you begin to hurt the Guard Scorpion a lot, he will raise his tail | | into the air.Save points are used simply by standing on them (a small text window will appear to confirm you are standing on it) then going to your menu and selecting save. In the next area you'll find a small object is blocking your path, pick it up and you will receive the Restore Materia. When you do Cloud gives you a warning message not to | | attack and he is right, if you do you will be hit with an attack that | | damages both your party members for quite a lot.o------o o-------------------------------| Boss |-------------------------------------o | o------o | | | | - Name: Guard Scorpion - | | | | HP........ You can | | learn more about them in the Limit Break section, and don't hesitate to | | use them when they come up. Try and leave and Tifa will speak to you, your choice doesn't make a difference.

    1 (Fw001) | o----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------/ Item/Materia Checklist /--------------------------o Potion............._____ Potion............._____ Phoenix Down......._____ Potion............._____ Potion............._____ The game opens with an impressive cutscene.

    At the top speak to Jessie to open the first door, and Biggs to open the second. When you're done making your purchases go up the stairs. Speak to the fat man to find out info on Tifa's location. From the main section, enter the most Northwest building.

    The events are the same no matter what time you escape at. You'll be on top of the store, go inside the room beside the ladder. Now that you know where she is go all the way to the North and speak to the man guarding the mansion. This is the dress shop, after a quick conversation with the person working there leave the bar and go to the area of Wall Market just North of this.

    Head down the beam, you'll notice a flashing blue item in between you and Jessie. First of all you will want to start using the other options | | besides attack, most notably Cloud's 'Bolt' spell.

    Examine it to receive a potion then continue down the ladder to the area below. Since the Guard | | Scorpion is weak to lightning elemental attacks this spell will deal a | | good bit more damage than other spells. Since you are probably going to take some damage in this battle, | | don't be afraid to use one of the numerous Potions in your item menu.

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