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    “I know she deserves to get married, but I’m just not ready,” he said. It’s that I’m just learning how to be a good boyfriend.

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    " Products  Windshield Repair , 3m Accuspray Gun System, 3m Accuspray Atomizing Heads, 3m Roloc Bristle Disk Kit, 3m Paint Buster Hand Cleaner, 2-step Aviation Window Restoration System Kit, 3m Finishing Glazes , 3m Spreaders, 3m Mixing Boards Page 479: Meguiar s Products, Meguiars All Metal Polish, Meguiars Ultimate Protectant, Meguiars Ultimate Black , Meguiars Professional Da Polisher 110-127v, Meguiars Rotary Foam Cutting Pad 7 Inch -, Meguiars Rotary Foam Finishing Pad 7 Inch, Meguiars Rotary Backing Plate, Meguiars Mirror Glaze, Plastic Polish &obr;no. , Glare Turbo Action Wheel Cleaner, Glare &obr;gallon&cbr; Professional Polish Micro-finish Ultra Wash Page 498: Plexiglass Restoration - Leather Care , Micro-mesh Windshield Scratch Removal Kit, Micro-gloss Polish, Micro-surface Windshield Restoration Kits, Acrylic Maintenance Kit, Light Damage Removal Kit, Heavy Damage Removal Kit , Micro-mesh Polycarbonate Restoration Kit, Micro-mesh Finishing Kit For Wood, Plexiglass Lens Repair Kit, Perrone Leather Products, Deep Cleaner For Leather, Deep Cleaner For Leather , Leather Conditioner, Ink Remover, Leather Cleaning Brushes, Perrone Leather Care & Cleaning Kit, Headlight Repair & Scratch-away Restore Kits, Plexiglass Lense Repair Kit , Scratch Away Headlight Restore Kit, Acrylic Headlight Lense Restoration Kit Page 499: Granitize Cleaning Products, Granitize Metal Polish System, Xmp-s Metal Polish &obr;superfine&cbr;, Xmp-m Metal Polish &obr;medium&cbr; , Xmp-f Metal Polish &obr;fine&cbr;, Xmp-c Metal Polish &obr;coarse&cbr;, Granitize Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate, Granitize Wash And Wax Concentrate, Granitize Zero V.o.c Degreaser, Granitize Oxidation Remover For Paint , Granitize Spray And Shine Cleaner / Color Brightener, Granitize Hi Gloss Tire Dressing Page 500: Aero Cosmetics Cleaning Products, Wash Wax All, Wash Wax All Degreaser, Aero Belly Soap , Aero Plex All, Aero Cabin Cleaner, Aero Safesolv Solvent, Aero Leather Soap, Aero Leather Care, Aero Rubber Care , Water Spot Remover, Aero Polish All, Wash Wax Clay, Aero Scrubber, Aero Towels, Aero Diaper , Aero Starter Kit, Aero Leather/vinyl Kit, Aero Scrubber Pad Kit, Travel Kit, Aero Wash Wax Mop Page 501: Polishes  Cleaners , Aerolife Aircraft Cleaner & Belly Wash, Aerolife Aerowax Aircraft Wax, Jet Stream Leather Cleaner, Cockpit & Cabin Air Neutralizer, Quickturn, Carpet Spotter Plus , Upholstery Fabric Cleaner, Newstax Aircraft Exhaust Metal Prep/metal Polish, Pro-tec Sealant Polish 16 Oz, Pro-tec Nu-paint Moisturizer, Pro-tec Showroom Conditioner Quick Detail, Pro-tec Vinyl Conditioner , Pro-tec Wash And Gloss Soap, Pro-tec Mighty Tuff Cleaner /degreaser, Pro-tec Paint Care Kit Page 503: Spray Nine Cleaners & Degreasers , Spray Nine Multi-purpose Cleaner, Earth Soap Concentrated Cleaner / Degreaser, Grez-off Heavy Duty Degreaser, Zi-400 Anti Corrosive Aircraft Cleaner, Poly Scrub Heavy-duty Hand Cleaner, Coco Scrub Heavy-duty Hand Cleaner , Poly 500 Hand Cleaner Dispensing System, Boss Aircraft Cleaning Pad Page 504: Composiclean Aircraft Cleaning Products, Composiclean Bucket-wash, Composiclean Super Spray-wax, Composiclean Multi-purpose Cleaner , Composiclean Haze Glaze, Composiclean View Polish, Composiclean Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, Aircare Interior Care Kit, Composiclean Micro- Fiber Cloth, Composiclean Solar Screen , Composiclean Proper Care Kit, Classic Water Blades, Heavy Duty Concentrate Degreaser Page 505: Cleaners - Adhesives, K&n Power Kleen, Wax As-u-dry , Strike Hold Ii Cleaner/penetrant/lubricant, Aero Wash Wax Mop Kit With Bugscrubber / Mini Mop Head, Strike-hold Brand Microfiber Cloth, V & S Aircraft Cleaners & Adhesives, V&s #581 Foam & Fabric Spray Adhesive, Super Trim Adhesive #1081 , V & S Dry Silicone Spray-, Citrus Cleaner #609, Aero-600 Avionics Cleaner, Aerospace Protectant, Stewart Systems Propolish Page 506: Cleaners  Wipes , X-it Carbon Remover & Cleaner, Hydrasolve, Purple Metal Polish, Fast Wing Paint Sealant, Fast Wing Cleaner, Fast Wing Vinyl & Leather Protectant - Pint , Eagle One A2z Allwheel & Tire Cleaner, Safety Wash, Worx Industrial Wipes, Ps Workplace Handcleaner Towel, Royco 756 Hydraulic Wipe, Royco 782 Hydraulic Wipe , Aluminum Deoxidizer, Floor And All Purpose Cleaner, Water Sprite Synthetic Chamois Page 507: Wipes  Cleaners, Aircraft Grade Microfiber Wash Mitt, Metal Armor Material Application Pad &obr;white&cbr; , Metal Armor Detailing Pad &obr;black&cbr;, Microfiber Applicator Pad, Terry Applicator Pad, Purewipe Tack Cloth, Purewipe Wooden Depressor Sticks, Wooden Cotton Swabs , Rymplecloth Purified Wiping Cloth, Rymplecloth Purified Wiping Cloth, Purewipe, Tack Cloth Boeing Approved, Boeing Approved Aerotex Bleached Wiping Cloth, Purewipe White Wipers , Boeing Approved Cheesecloth 4-ply, Inshield Wiper, Icloth Avionics Wipes Page 508: Cleaners  Degreasers, Avl Lubricants & Rust Inhibitors, Avl Light , Avl Medium, Avl Thick, Avl No Chlor Cleaner/degreaser, Avl Electro Contact Cleaner, Avl Fast Acting Cleaner/degreaser Ii, Mach #1 Degreaser/cleaner , Clear View Plastic Cleaner, Crazy Clean All Purpose Cleaner, Simple Green Welding Anti-spatter, Simple Green Foamer Unit, Extreme Simple Green Aircraft Cleaner, Simple Green Pro Hd Cleaner , Simple Green Safety Towels, Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner/degreaser, Simple Green Hand Cleaner Gel, Simple Green 30 Gal.

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    " Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Series 8 Wash-off Hand Protection , Tyvek Suits, Ply No. Fullswivel / Steerable, 6 Inch Diameter Full Swivel / Steerable, Replacement Wheels For Homebuilders Special Tailwheels , Longlife Sealed Ball Bearings, Alaskan Bushwheel 3400 Tailwheel Page 326: Alaskan Bushwheel Inc.

    DB2 10.5 APAR Fix list contains list of APARs shipped for each fix pack in DB2 Version 10.5 for Linux, UNIX and Windows products.

    The Severity column value of 1 is high and 4 is low.

    " Glues And Adhesives, Polyfix 17000 Industrial Odorless Thin , Polyfix 6000 Debonder, Polyfix 14000 Thin Cyanoacrylate, Polyfix! " 10000 Accelerator In Plastic Bottles Page 49: Instant Glues & Adhesives , Bsi Quik-cure 5 Minute Epoxy, Bsi Super-gold Gap Filling Odorless Foam Safe, Bsi Slow-cure 30 Minute Epoxy, Bsi Insta-cure Pocket Cyanoacrylates Gap Filling, Bsi Insta-cure Superthin Cyanoacrylate, Bsi Insta-set Cyanoacrylates Accelerator , Bsi Insta-cure Gap Filling Cyanoacrylate, Bsi Un-cure Cyanoacrylatedebonder, Bsi Maxi-cure Extra Thick Cyanoacrylate, Bsi Ic-loc Blue Medium Strength Thread Locker, Insta-weld 2 Thick, Ufo Odorless Thin Glue Page 50: Adhesives - Glues, Cascophen, T-88 Structural Adhesive, T-88 Universal Cartridges, Fpl-16a Hughes Glue , Redi-mix Mixer Tube , Weldwood Glue, Hysol Ea-9430 Glue, Scotch Weld 3m! 5 Seat Belt/harnessset For Homebuilts, Piper Seat Belt Decal Sets Page 208: Style No. Strut Cuffs, Rudder & Vertical Fin Caps, Gear Leg And Brake Fairings, Wing & Dorsal Tips Page 257: Piper  Bellanca  Grumman Controls, Piper Throttle Controls, Piper Mixture Controls, Piper Prop Controls, Throttle Controls For Bellanca Viking Aircraft, Throttle Control For Grumman Aircraft Page 260: Replacement Piper Parts, J-3 Lower Door, Upper Door Assembly, J-3 Brake Pedal, J-3 Rudder Pedal Kit, J-3 Step , Piper Faa / Pma Wing Tip Fairing, J-3 Exhaust Components, J-3 Muffler Clamp With Pin, J-3 Tailpipe Clamp, J-3 Exhaust Support Bracket, J-3 Rear Window Channel , Sliding Window Guide Assembly Kit, Lh, Full Exhaust System J-3, J-3, A-65 Header Stacks, J-3 Horizontal Stabilizer, J-3 Stabilizer Attach Link Assembly, J-3 Rudder Assembly , J-3 Vertical Fin, Stabilator Cable Kits For Pipers Page 261: J-3c-65 Cowling Assembly Stc d #sa 158gl, J-3 Style Engine Eyebrow Kit, J-3 Boot Cowl, J-3 Windshield Frame , J-3 Birdcage Structure, J-3 Fuselage Tailpost, J-3 Elevator Bell Crank Mount, J-3 Wing Spar-to-fuselage Attach Fitting Kit, J-3 Wing Strut Attach Fitting Kit, J-3 Preformed Aileron Gaps , J-3 Metal Rib Wing Repair Kit, J-3c-40, 50, 50s, 65, 65s Wing Trailing Edges, J-3 Wing Leading Edge, Sealed J-3 Lift Struts With Clamps, J-3 Jury Struts, J-3 And Pa-11 Landing Gear , J-3 Boot Covers, J-3 Cabane Vee Assembly, J-3 Short Shock Strut, J-3 Long Shock Strut Page 262: J-3 Elevator Push-pull Tube, J-3 Piper Stabilizer Yoke Inspection Cover , J-3 Control Stick Torque Tube Assemblies, J-3 Control Stick Connector, J-3 Throttle Cover Plate, J-3 Stick Assembly, J-3 Main Tank, Stcd J-3 Wing Tanks , J-3 Gas Tankfuselage Strap Kit, J-3, Pa-11 Gascap & Float, Piper Faa / Pma Enginemounts, J-3 Firewall Cabin Air Box, J-3 Nose Cowl Ram Air Box, J-3 Front Seat Frame Assembly , J-3 Rear Seat Cross Tube, J-3 Arctic Heater, J-3 Engine Mount, J-3 Fairing Sets & Fairings Page 263: Piper Parts, Elevator Horn Inspection Plates , Flexible Heat Tube Adapter, Engine Front Cowling Attach Bracket, Piper Seatbelt Buckle Applique, Piper Cherokee Rams Horn Yoke Button Applique, Piper Fuselage Sideplate Applique, Piper Cherokee Bowtie Yoke Applique , J-3 Boot Cowl Nameplate, Trim Tab Control Cover Plate, Instrument Panel With Cutouts, Torque Link Repair Kits For Piper Aircraft, Piper Torque Link Kit, Piper Trim Hinge Kits , Piper Nosecone Baggage Door Latch & Placard, J-3 Harness Kits, Piper Flight Control Cable Kits, Fuel Strainer Seals And Kits For Piper Aircraft Page 264: Piper Nose Cowling &obr;all Metal&cbr;, J-3 & Pa-11 , Pa-12, Pa-12 & 14, Pa-18 &obr;95 Hp&cbr;, Pa-18 - 105, 125, 135, 150 Hp, Pa-20 & Pa-22, One Piece Stamped Aluminum Ribs , Stabilizer Liner Tube, Stabilizer Yoke & Adjustment Screw, Ca452-538 Piper Stabilator Bearing, Wing Navigation Light Bracket, Engine Mounts, J-3, Pa-11, Pa-18 , Piper Metal Wing Spars, Piper Heater Temperature Control Lock, Vertical Fin Exp40592-00Page 265: Spinner Assemblies & Components, Rib Kits For Pipers, Individual Ribs For Pipers J-3 , Pa-18 150 Hp., Common Piper Grommets, Piper Fabric Reinforcements, J-3 Fuel Valve, J-3/pa-11 Throttle Control, Flexible Rubber Brake Line , Oil Pressure Hose, Wing Tip Bows Page 266: Heavy Duty Muffler, Pre-heatshroud Pa-18, Header Tanks, Piper Door Hinge Clevis Pins , Piper Door Hinge Eyebolt Set, Folding Jump Seats, Folding Front Seat Kit, Piper Pa-34 Exterior Passenger Door Handle, Bushing With Retaining Ring For Piper Aircraft, Piper Pa-28-181 Engine Baffles , Piper 31 Engine Baffle, Piper Cabin Door And Overhead Trim Replacement Handles, Vented Fuel Caps, 180hp Fuel Cap, Under Seat Battery Rack, Refueling Step , Main Landing Gearlong Step, Weld On Aircraft Float Fittings, Main Landing Gear Safety Cables, Aileron Hinge For Piper, Piper J3 Exhaust System, Piper Door Latch Clevis Pin Page 267: Piper Supercub Parts, Complete Supercub Fuselage, Pa18 Upper Door, Pa18 Lower Door, Pa18 Stabilizer, Pa18 Elevator , Pa18 Rudder, Pa18 Vertical Fin, Pa18 Tailpost, Flap Hinge-outboard, Pa 18 Fuselage Handle, Aileron Hinge , Pa-18 8.5 Spar Blank, Sealed Lift Struts With Heavy Duty Forks, Pa18 Arches For Fabric Formers, Pa 18 Wing Fittings, Pa 18 Rear Gear Fitting, Pa 18 Front Gear Fitting , Weld-on Float Fitting, Pa-18 125 135 150 Exhaust System Page 268: Front Lower Window Channel, Aft Lower Window Channel, Front Window Channel, Upper Window Former , Forward Vertical Window Channel, Aft Vertical Window Channel, Pa-18 Fairings, Additional Faa-pma Parts For Pa18 Supercub, Pa18 Landing Gear, Rear Torque Tube Support & Bearing , Front Torque Tube Support& Bearing, Heavy Duty 5/8 Liftstrut Fork, Top Decksuperstructure, Jack Screw Tower, Muffler Bail U452-093, Tail Repair Section - 4 , Fuel Quantity Transmitter For Piper Aircraft Page 269: Piper / Luscombe Parts, Piper J3 Style Parts, Luscombe 8e & 8f Exhaust Stacks, Luscombe Cabin Heat Shroud, Carburetor & Cabin Heat Shroud , Rudder & Elevator Hinge Pin & Bracket, Gas Cap & Landing Light Lens, Vertical Fin Front Attach, Tailwheel Leaf Springs, All-aluminum Landing Gear Fairing For Standard Gear, Faa/pma Landing Gear Parts , Faa/pma Wing Parts, Faa/pma Tail Section Parts Page 270: All Aluminum Cowling, Replica Classic Luscombe Wheel Pants, Firewall Dishpan , Firewall To Engine Mount Rubber Bushing, Luscombe Engine Mount, Manuals, Blank Instrument Panel, Control Cables &obr;galvanized&cbr;, 8a Exhaust Components , Luscombe 8a Carburetor & Cabin Heat Shroud Page 272: Aluminum Nose Cowl, Landing Gear Fairings , Fuselage To Landing Gear Fillets, Engine Cowl Lever Assembly, Wing Lift Struts, Landing Light Lens, Pitot Tube, Control Surface Bearing , Control Cables, Strut Fillets Page 284: Aeronca  Champion  Citabria Parts, Wing Lift Struts, Wing Lift Strut Fork, 7ac Control Cables &obr;galvanized Steel, Aeronca Wing Tank Kit, Citabria Air Induction Tube , Citabria Fuel Gauge Cover, Tailbrace Wire Lug, Exhaust System For 7ac / 11ac, Citabria Fuel Vent Deflector, Aeronca 7ac Style Hubcaps, Aeronca 7ac Style Control Stick Wood Knobs , Stainless Steel Tailbrace Wire, 7ac, 7ec, 7fcupper & Lower, All Aluminum Cowling, Landing Gear U-bolts, Landing Gear Attach Hardware For Citabria, Decathlon, Scout, Oleo Shock Strut , Landing Gear Oleo Caseframe, Tailwheel Leaf Springs complete Sets, Landing Gear Axle Assy. Alternators, Hartzell Engine Technologies Alternators , Alternator Product Information, Chrysler Alternators - Factory Overhauled, Ford Alternators - Factory Overhauled, Hartzell Engine Tech.

    " 17500 Plus Industrial Odorless Gap Filling , Polyfix 9000 Extra Thick, Polyfix 64000 Industrial Carbon Gap Cyanoacrylate, Polyfix! " Structural Adhesive, West System Six10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive, Quik Fix Epoxy Putty Sticks, Bond-aide Wood Epoxy Putty , Fastweld 10 A/b High Setting Epoxy, G/flex Epoxy Adhesive, Fastweld 10 A/b High Setting Expoxy Gun Page 51: Adhesives, Ptm&w Es6279 Aeropoxy Epoxy, Ptm&w Es6228 Metalbonding Adhesive , System Three Rotfix, Ptm&w Es6209 Aeropoxy Structural Adhesive, System Three Sculpwood, Metal Set A4 Aluminum Filled Epoxy Adhesive, Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Super Glue , System Threequick Cure Epoxy, Metlweld Epoxy Adhesive Page 53: Steel Tubing & Rod, 4130 Streamline Tubing Mil-t6736, Stainless Steel Tubing, Bushing Stock 1015/1020 Steel , 4130 Airframe Square & Rectangular Tubing Mil-t-6736 Normalized , Round Brass Seamless Tubing, 4130 Round Steel Rod Cold Finished, E-4340 Round Steel Rod, Stainless Steel Rod Type 304 Cd, 3/8  Piper Channel Page 54: 4130 Sheet , 4130 Steel Sheets & Strips Mil-s-6345a Normalized, 4130 Steel Sheet, 4130 Steel Strips, Vacuum Melted Low Alloy 4130 Steel Welding Wire, Brass Brazing Rod, Welding Rod No. For Aeronca &citabria, Aeronca Hinge Bushing, Aeronca Rear Rudder Pedal Spring, Aeronca Rudder Pedal Spring , Aeronca Tailspring U Bolt, Wing Spin Support Block Page 285: Ercoupe  Forney  Alon Parts  Mooney, All Aluminum Cowling, Nose Cowl Assemblies, Side Cowl Assemblies , Bottom Cowls, Spark Plug Fairings, Ercoupe Engine Mount, Filler Neck Grommet, Nose Gear Steering Ball, Improved Steering Joint Ball Kit , Exhaust System For Ercoupe 415 Series & Early Forney, Ercoupe Window Welts, Landing Gear Shock Pads, 6 Gallon Fuselage Tanks, Welded 9-gallon Wing Tank, Blank Instrument Panel , Ercoupe Front Bulkhead A40665-8Page 286: Navion  Taylorcraft Parts, Navion Parts, Taylorcraft Engine Mount, Taylorcraft Exhaust System, Taylorcraft B, Bc, & Lift Struts &obr;oiled And Sealed&cbr; , Taylorcraft Leading Edge Skins, Taylorcraft Heat Shroud, Taylorcraft Aluminum Nose Cowl, Taylorcraft Nose Cowl Grills, Taylorcraft Tailwheel Spring Set, Taylorcraft Wheel Fender , Taylorcraft Aileron Ball Stud, Taylorcraft Tail Surface Hinge Bushing, Taylorcraft Hinge Pin Page 287: Taylorcraft Parts, Sealed Taylorcraft Lift Strut Assemblies, Taylorcraft Parts , Taylorcraft Stabilizer, Taylorcraft Elevator, Rh, Taylorcraft Vertical Fin , Taylorcraft Wing Fuel Tanks, Taylorcraft Fuselage Fuel Tank, Taylorcraft Tail Flying Wires , Taylorcraft Drag Wires, Tie Rods And Accessories, Tie Rods And Accessories Page 288: Landing Gear &obr;lg&cbr;, Cleveland Wheels & Brakes, Cleveland Wheels & Brakes For Homebuilts , Heavy-duty Cleveland Wheels & Brakes For Homebuilts, #199-93 Upgrade Kit, #199-156 Kit &obr;aircraft To 1500 Lbs&cbr;, #199-152 Kit For Long-ez & Cozy &obr;aircraft To 2200 Lbs&cbr;, Cleveland Wheels & Brakes For Amphibians, Aeroshell Grease For Wheel Bearings , Cleveland Homebuilders Special Wheel & Brake Set Packages, Package No. Overhauled Al Series Alternators, Hartzell Engine Technologies Es4020 Series Overhauled Alternators, Tcm Alternators - Overhauled , Es4000 Series Alternators - Overhauled Page 372: Hartzell Engine Technologies Es4020 Series Alternators - Factory New, Hartzell Engine Technologies Es-6012-6 Alternator - Factory New, Hartzell Engine Technologies Es-6024d Alternator, Hartzell Engine Technologies Es-10024 Aircraft Alternator - Factory New, Hartzell Brush Holder Assembly , Alternator Drive Couplings, Ale-1013as Faa/pma Brush Set Page 373: Hartzell Engine Tech.

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